About Unlocked

About Unlocked


Unlocked began with Simon Osner.


As the founder and managing director, Simon began Unlocked Real Estate and has been involved with property and information technology for over 35 years.


He has bought and sold many of his own properties and therefore been involved with many different aspects in the Real Estate industry.


Simon’s solid grasp of New Zealand’s property market gained in part through researching online systems has given him the necessary insight to create Unlocked – an easy to use and understand Real Estate business.

Meet Our Team

Debbie Osner

Debbie has been working in administration for over 30 years, when she first joined the property business in the UK.

Debbie is involved with accounts and admin and is an integral part of the team.

Daniel Marcora

Introduced at a young age by my family,  I quickly realised its potential and how life changing property can be and over many years have successfully invested,  developed, bought and sold a number of properties . If purchased right,  property can make your dreams real!

As an expert my role is to assist in moving forward through the next steps on your  property journey – Just pick up the phone or message me!

Mortgage Brokers

We have a team of professional and amazing Mortgage Brokers to help us get you the best rate possible!

Property Experts

We work with a range of property experts to ensure we can give you access to the best properties for investment!

Get in touch today – we would love to hear from you!